away and aware

Ein entspanntes Urlaubskonzept

away and aware

away and aware is the name of our new holiday concept: it reflects our idea that being far from home and from the daily routine is perfect to re-discover and experience ourselves in a beautiful and inspiring setting. As we often lack time and energy in the daily life, we want to create the perfect conditions during the holiday: an inspiring atmosphere and holistic activities such as sports and wellness, food and intellectual stimulus.

In our complex times, where work challenges and free-time-stress are increasing we think that it is becoming more and more important to create oases of relaxation and calm to  become aware of ourselves, as an individual, as part of a couple or member of the family.

During the holiday we are looking for nature as the antithesis of our daily life’s mechanization, omnipresent globalization calls for a sense of home, for authentic places and the appreciation of local and regional characteristics. In compensation for continuous rush we feel the increasing need to decelerate.

In order to meet these needs we have developed the concept of away and aware. It consists of several components:

Our implementation consulting attaches great importance to the concept’s practicality as well as to the participation of hoteliers and staff by contributing their personal experiences and concerns, in order to create an individual, authentic concept for every single hotel that has an eye on the surroundings and the infrastructure as well. As our concept mirrors some important trends, it aims a variety of target groups: families, couples, single travelers and business travelers who all have the same needs: consciously experienced moments of down time to recharge.

While elaborating our holiday concept we drew our inspiration from the Happiness research, from Susanne Leder’s book „Die neue Muße im Tourismus“ (New leisure in tourism) , the Slow Tourism Movement and Matthias Horx’s articles about “Selfness” and megatrends.

An example of the implementation of the away and aware concept in an Italian Hotel you can find on

Holistic holidays in the Terre del Verde

Le Terre del Verde is a place which is rich in art, history, nature and Umbrian hospitality. We pursue a holiday concept which involves Slow Tourism and the term of Selfness.

 This means for us to ensure that our guests feel comfortable at all levels: Movement in the beautiful nature during hikes or bike tours, relaxation and indulgence programs with indoor or outdoor massages, beauty care treatments as well as Yoga, Qi Gong, archery, Nordic Walking and meditation. The offer is completed by sensory experiences as for instance our photographic walk, the barefoot path or the fragrances of the vegetable and herbal garden, our food experiences with a focus on intuitive cooking with our organically farmed products. We would like to offer the possibility to our guests to rediscover themselves during their stay in our estate and to trace those components of their own personality that have been submerged in the daily life. The vast terrain is the perfect setting for that and offers always new inspiration, for instance thanks to several land art objects that have been created by our guests and can be found on the entire estate.

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